G-Run Graphics Review

As we were establishing our family website and planning content, we tried to envision a logo that would encompass the many varied categories and still point viewers to the idea that this all comes from our heart of our home. Every recipe, review, and rambling come from a place or an idea within this small brick ranch where we live, love, school, work, and play.

I wasn’t coming up with any winners for a logo, so I contacted my cousin, Loni, at G-Run Graphics to see if she’d be willing to help. She was. She asked what we were hoping to do with the site, what we wanted out of a logo, and if we had any colors in mind. I described our goals to her and told her we wanted something earthy that would encompass all of it. She said she’d get back with me on ideas.


It wasn’t long before she sent this.

It was exactly what we wanted. I sent it to my husband and asked if he had any suggested changes, but we both felt like it really encompassed everything exactly as we hoped. The heart and home and hearth shared our ideas perfectly for our website.

Not only can G-Run Graphics help with logo and website design, they can also help with print ads, postcards, banners, and other graphics, as well as photo restoration through L. D. Kirklin Photography.

Loni’s interest in photo restoration began when she restored the above photo of our grandmother as a gift for her mom. Since then she has retouched and restored multiple photos including the ones below.

Overall we felt like G-Run Graphics listened to what we wanted and helped bring that to life in our logo design. We recommend checking them out.

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