Rambling Thoughts

I wrote this poem several years ago. I thought perhaps by now I could write a different one, but this is as true today as it was then. This poem is not directed toward any specific party, person, or group. Just a poem processing the emotions I feel for our nation these days. My only additional response is that as a believer, there’s one bridge that can heal this great divide. Who will meet me at the Bridge in prayers for our nation?

Gray January day
Our nation celebrates
Our nation weeps
The divide is palpable
Fear pulses
Anger boils
Victory cheers, expectant
What will happen?
What will be?

Homeless are still homeless
Children’s blank faces
Wonder what is a CPS worker
And where they are going
Hunger roars
Lonely sit silent
People pass by, coming and going
What will happen?
What will be?

Big houses, busy families
Working parents too engrossed
To notice their daughter
Lured into the night
Sold for entertainment
Their son, retreating into depression
Their marriage, crumbling
What will happen?
What will be?

Problems, we have so many
We fold our hands and acquiesce
Too big for me
Some march in protest
What difference does it make?
We toss coins at million dollar problems
Our small adds up
What will happen?
What will be?

Gaze deeply into the faces
Of our circle of influence
One need helps moving
Another, a job
A widow weeps
Parents mourn their child
One celebrates new birth
What will happen?
What will be?

Send that “thinking of you”
Allow someone to go in front of you
Look beyond the surface
Listen to stories
Tell yours
Build relationships
What will happen?
What will be?
A revolution?
We will see.

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