The Scent of Grief

Liquid gold, drinking in the aroma

Of Gain laundry detergent, regular scent

Inhaling deeply the month of June,

Sterile hospitals, funeral homes,

And her, still covered with the fluid of my womb

Whispers of family and friends on soft summer breezes,

Gathered fully for the first time in years,

To mourn our lost love

Eyes averted, conversation avoided, but inhabiting one space

Tears and laughter juxtaposed

Could it be?

Heart healing in our greatest pain?

Cleansing communication, only love remains

Empty bassinet, unfinished nursery

Tears washing grief from our eyes

Hearts united in the sacred dance of grief and joy

Her scent now faded from her soft white blanket

But not from the laundry that hangs on the line

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