InMotion Dance Review

Although our family has been beneficiaries of the generosity of InMotion, we DID NOT receive any specific product or service in exchange for this review. We simply want our community to be aware of this wonderful opportunity. 

When our now 8 year old daughter was 2, I took her to a dance recital performed by InMotion School of Dance and Dancewear. Since any form of dancing was taboo in my upbringing, I never dreamed we’d have a dancing daughter. I attended the recital to support the owner of the company, Alaina Pfeiffer, who was one of my parishioners and eventually became one of my best friends. 

InMotion’s focus is to not only teach proper techniques, but also to increase self esteem, promote self-discipline, while also offering a Christ-centered atmosphere. They incorporate worship into every performance, and strive to honor God in everything they do. They offer ballet/pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, hiphop, musical theatre, acrobatics, adult classes, and turns and leaps and jumps. Besides their annual Christmas ballet and spring recital, they offer a perform group, summer camps, and “Summer Praise,” a program I’ll share more about later. They offer scholarships, and encourage people to contact the studio for more information about those.

Elsie ready for the 2019 Christmas Recital, Hope of the World.

We sat at the back of the auditorium, thinking I might need a quick escape if Elsie got bored or unruly. Instead, our sweet energetic munchkin danced her heart out, following every dancer’s move. Her choreography was so natural and beautiful, Alaina’s mom, Gail, missed her own daughter’s solo, because she was at the back of the studio watching Elsie.

Elsie begged to dance every day after that. We were still in potty-training. I told her she’d have to be completely trained for dance, and within a day, the very thing we’d been working on for months was accomplished. We enrolled her in summer camp to see if this was really going to be something she enjoyed, and the rest is history. My photo app has hundreds of “dancing Elsie” videos, both at home and at the studio.

Elsie when she received her first pair of tap shoes ever, to prepare for tap class.

If she could, Elsie would take just about every class they offer. Not only is she naturally gifted in expression through dance, she truly uses it as a form of worship, even in our home. She lives and breathes dance, and horses, but that will be a different review.

Our youngest daughter has taken classes there on and off, but finds that although she loves to dance around the house, the stage is just too big and frightening right now. We’ll reenroll her if that becomes something she wants to try again.

Korana ready for the 2019 Christmas Recital, Hope of the World.

I’ve never danced in my life until the past few years. Now I’m enrolled in the adult exploratory and adult tap classes and will be on stage dancing for the first time ever in the upcoming spring recital, Diamonds in the Rough. Not only has it been a beautiful bonding experience to be engaged in the same activity as my daughter, this is pushing me far out of my comfort zone and inviting me to explore metaphorically and physically the things that hold me back and closed in. Everyone in class is supportive and encouraging, and through this time together I’ve found yet another form of family.

For their summer praise tour, they choreograph a Bible story or theme and present the program at a different church every Sunday during the summer months. Last year was the first time Elsie was old enough to participate, and she loved the experience. It was a little hard for me to be gone from our home congregation for the summer, but it was wonderful visiting so many local churches and experiencing worship in so many different ways and settings. The theme was living into Easter year round. The presentation was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes with every performance, even though I’d seen it many times. Their tour calendar fills quickly, so churches interested in hosting them on a Sunday morning need to contact them for a date.

Here’s a video with poor lighting, but worth a watch, as our younger Elsie dances with InMotion Family at our church.

If you’re looking for a dance studio that takes the art seriously, but also embraces the students as individuals and nurtures their whole person, definitely check out InMotion School of Dance and Dancewear. If you’re an adult looking for a supportive, nurturing, fun community, we’d love to have you join our adult classes.

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