Let’s Go Geography; a passport to the world in one subscription

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

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To be honest, a specific geography curriculum wasn’t on my radar for our first year of homeschool. We tried various full-package curriculums to start with and our students were learning a lot of geography naturally though Social Studies and Bible. When I saw Let’s Go Geography, Year 2, a Homeschool Geography Curriculum on the upcoming Homeschool Review Crew list, it seemed like a good opportunity for our family to zero in on this subject.

We received a subscription to Year 2 through the Homeschool Review Crew which covers learning the seven continents, three U.S. regions, and twenty-seven countries, followed by a review. Each student makes their own notebook containing their coloring pages, mapping activities, flags, and crafts so that when the curriculum is completed, they have a keepsake of their work.

Their completed crafts for the Pacific Northwest.

The subscription is divided into three years and provides a geography curriculum for your learners, kindergarten through 5th grade. While it’s not challenging or geared for our 6th grader, he is learning new things and enjoying the included videos. He especially loved the video about the Idaho Potato Farmer. Our 3rd grader is loving the songs, videos, and crafts. Our 4-year-old doesn’t participate in all the activities, but she’s absorbing much of the information while the older students learn. After the continent study she packed a suitcase and said, “See ya later Mom, I’m headed to South America.”

During our review period, we had an unexpected trip from our home in Virginia to the Midwest because of a death in the family so our children visited a place they’d never been before. I’m writing this review while visiting my niece stationed in Hawaii, so with our family travels it was the perfect time to study geography. We had just watched the beautiful drone video in Let’s Go Geography of the Grand Canyon, so as I was flying over on the way to Hawaii, I took my own photos and sent them back home to the family. They were amazed at how it all tied together. 

We love a lot about this curriculum, including that the lessons are short and customizable. Our schedule was disrupted several times during the review period, but we were often able to complete most of the week’s lesson in a condensed period of time and still hold the children’s attention span.

The included songs and videos often sparked my own memory of songs, videos, and books to share. This curriculum has been one of the easiest and most natural ways for us to learn geography and even incorporate some social studies into our homeschool. For example, the study of the Mountain West included a cowboy song video which organically led to an hour’s worth or more of study on cowboys and the Old West. Because it happened so naturally, the children didn’t even associate it with “study” or “school,” it was merely conversation and discussion-led research. 

Each lesson is about 35 pages long with printable maps, flags, and craft templates, and links to songs and videos related to that country, state, or region. One paid subscription covers all your learners in K-5th grade. We’re including our 4-year-old as she shows interest, and our 6th grader, both of whom are benefiting in their own ways. Membership provides access to PDF lessons you then download and use however you choose to incorporate into your homeschool. Outlines and details are provided, but again, it is meant to be flexible and fun, and for us it has been both.

Currently a one-year subscription is $27.99 and gives two years of access to the year you subscribed to.

This is an amazing deal considering this subscription covers more countries than any geography curriculum in the world. Author Carol Henderson does an incredible job making geography fun.

Overall, I highly recommend Let’s Go Geography for an elementary geography curriculum.

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