How Naturopathic Wellness Changed our Lives; Herbal Wisdom Review

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I set up the story of how/why we met Mrs. Lindy before going into the review, so you can see the scope of impact this experience has had for us.

I was first introduced to Lindy S. Higgs at Herbal Wisdom in the fall of 2019. Among her credentials are LPN-M, Traditional Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Certified Natural Health Professional. View her full credentials and profile on the Herbal Wisdom Facebook page.

As many of our readers and friends know, our now 8-year-old daughter had a rough couple of years. To recap, she had strep 9 times in less than a year. I really don’t think it ever left her body in between antibiotics. She contracted mono that included extreme fatigue and a painful body rash that made it hurt for anything to touch her skin. Her most severe symptoms lasted about a year, causing her to miss a lot of first grade and needing a temporary in-home tutor to help with classes. She needed some dental work done, but wasn’t well enough to handle the treatment, so she ended up needing dental surgery later.

Her pediatricians were wonderful. They felt she needed her tonsils and adenoids removed. They were trying to get her healthy before putting her through surgery, but she couldn’t get well. She ended up having a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy at her weakest, most vulnerable point. Her illnesses had been going on for more than a year already. She was so thin she weighed only four pounds more then her sister four years younger. She slept 16 hours a day. She was in constant discomfort. And I was an anxious mess.

The surgery was a success. She hasn’t had strep once since her tonsils and adenoids were removed, but because she was so weak and the mono was still present, her recovery took much longer than expected.

By that time, her teeth had deteriorated to the point of needing dental surgery with multiple extractions and caps for baby teeth, which also set her back. She also had facial cellulitis in her cheek, another abscess and tooth extraction, pneumonia, and a ganglion cyst, all of which caused extreme discomfort for her and anxiety for me. Any time she said, “Mama,” in a certain voice, my heart dropped to my toes with a knowing that something else was going on.

Over time though, she recovered and gained strength, but was still having some respiratory issues. She was referred to a pediatric allergist and immunologist where she underwent a battery of tests. In February 2019, she was diagnosed with a dust mite allergy. We made changes to reduce her exposure. Just by adding a protective cover to her mattress and pillow, she was able to reduce her inhaler to as-needed instead of three and four times a day. We were excited and hopeful.

Last spring and summer were healthy. We decided to homeschool for the first time for the 2019/2020 school year and felt like all the children were doing well health-wise. But in the fall, our daughter stated having an elevated temperature once a week. She didn’t want to get out of bed those days, and often did her schoolwork while resting. The preceding and proceeding days, she was her usual bouncy self. It persisted until her pediatrician said, “We might want to do some testing.” I was terrified. You can read about that experience in a previous blog post, “Bouncy Prayers, Anxiety, and Choosing to Believe.”

The GOOD news was that those tests ruled out leukemia and other serious illnesses! That pesky mono was still present, though, and inflammation, that seemed to continue wreaking havoc on her system. It seemed this was going to be our/her life. Constant bouts of fatigue and discomfort.

That’s when a trusted friend introduced me to Lindy Higgs.

I talked to our daughter’s pediatrician before taking her to Mrs. Lindy, and informed her that we were seeking additional outlets for optimum health. Mrs. Lindy was proactive in helping us understand that we were not receiving medical treatment or advice and she was not diagnosing or prescribing. She had us sign appropriate forms stating we understood the nature of her practice.

During the consultation, our daughter answered a series of questions and underwent muscle response testing. It seemed that her body had possibly been stripped of good bacteria from all the previous antibiotics. She suspected there could be an overgrowth of candida yeast, as well. She gave some dietary suggestions on ways to combat the yeast and provided suggestions for an individualized regiment of supplements that might help rebuild her immune system.

The short-term diet restrictions were hard for our daughter. Yeast feeds on sugar, and we were entering the winter holiday season. We did the best we could. We also followed the suggested regiment of supplements.

I’m here to tell you, we HAVE OUR ENERGETIC, BOUNCY, HAPPY DAUGHTER BACK! We’ve been able to return to a normal diet and have backed off all but routine immune-supporting supplements, and she is thriving.

Even through flu season and now this crazy COVID-19, she has remained healthy and vibrant. My heart remains hopeful AND vulnerable. I KNOW she’s still susceptible, as we all are, but at least she can say, “Mama,” without my heart dropping to my toes.

She’s still under the care of her pediatrician and pediatric allergist, and will remain so, we just haven’t had to see them in a while because she’s been so healthy!

I was curious to see how I might experience a consultation with Mrs. Lindy. I filled out paperwork answering a number of health-related questions, but she didn’t look at it until after the consultation. As part of the consultation she told me to stick out my tongue. Oddly, my tongue had been sore, but she didn’t know this. Not with blisters or sores, but my tongue itself was sore. When I stuck out my tongue, she immediately asked if it was sore?

I was floored. Turns out, it seemed I was low in enzymes that help digest food and that can cause a sore tongue. She had no way of knowing this beforehand because I hadn’t told her. Through muscle response testing and iridology, she asked specific questions about areas that appeared weak or injured. Almost everything aligned with discomforts or symptoms I’d been having. She gave suggestions of ways to support the weak areas with diet, movement, and supplements. Still the most amazing to me, was my tongue. By taking some food enzymes with my meals, my tongue returned to normal. By following the suggestions, I’ve been able to return to basic maintenance supplements and feel much better overall. I also maintain specific dietary and exercise routines that are consistent with my own convictions.

Mrs. Lindy never advised me to stop any medications and was adamant that if I chose to of my own volition, not to make any changes without first consulting my doctor. She insisted follow up care with my healthcare professionals. She was careful and diligent in urging precautions about her input as a naturopath versus professional medical diagnosis, treatment, and advice. I was faithful in following through, and my general practitioner was impressed with my overall health and wellness.

While understanding the need for and truly appreciating our amazing medical professionals, I am so grateful for Mrs. Lindy and the role she’s had in optimizing the health of our family. Meeting her has truly been life-changing for us.

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