Program for all ages teaches reading, writing, and handwriting practice

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook, from Everyday Education, LLC is a wonderful curriculum that helps adults and older students improve their handwriting, write italics, and is a phonics-based curriculum to teach younger students to read and write.

This ebook is something you must experience to fully appreciate. The forward offers teaching and scheduling options and includes instructions for posture and pen hold, spacing, slant, rhythm, and size.

The introduction provides four different ways the book can be used.

1: To teach young children to read and write.

2: To teach children with difficulties to read effectively.

3: To teach children to have fast, legible, attractive handwriting.

4: To teach yourself beautiful handwriting.

Chapter one shares fascinating history on reading and handwriting. Author, Caroline Joy Adams, explains the difference between phonics-based and sight method programs and why the phonics-based approach is so natural to children learning to read. In my opinion, this information alone is worth the entire book, especially as a new homeschooling mom with a rising preschooler.

Chapters 2-5 include a total of sixty lesson progressions for teaching reading and writing using the phonics method. Lessons include short vowel sounds, blends, exceptions, long vowel sounds, silent letters, combinations, endings, contractions, most common words, numbers, reviews, and more. Fun rhymes and poems reinforce the rhythms and sounds.

This lesson is pretty far into the program.

Our young 4-year-old wasn’t quite ready to engage, so I used Chapter 6 for my own handwriting practice. I have always been proud of my penmanship, concentrating carefully on my cursive writing in grade school. Over the years, I’ve gotten sloppy and careless. This italics practice was like therapy for me. I sat at the table and copied our spring garden list, Scripture verses, and journaled for fun. The book says learners can have fast, legible, attractive handwriting. I’m working on the legible and attractive, but I’m nowhere near fast yet! I’m guessing that comes with more practice and time.

As I practiced, our 8-year-old daughter asked to join in. She found the handwriting practice to be therapeutic and fun as well and now when I have the book out, she usually wants to participate. I will definitely use this as a tool to teach our preschooler reading and writing when she is ready.

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