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Who would have known that when I started participating in Pilates and Groove classes through Heart and Soul Fitness, LLC, that we would move from weekly sessions at our town hall to an online platform due to mandatory closure of activities. As thankful as I was to have a personal fitness community before, I’ve been even more so to have this core group to motivate and support me in health during this time of shutdown. Dana Neff, and her daughter, Kendra, have been keeping community engaged with multiple choices for weekly classes through Facebook live, and for that, I’m so thankful.

Heart and Soul Fitness is a faith-based fitness studio for women offering Groove for adults, YAH (Groove for the Young At Heart), Pilates, POP Pilates, and FLEX (Faith Led Exercise.) Their mission is to fuse fitness and faith. While the studio is in Elkton, Virginia, anyone around the world can participate in their online classes. Not only that, for a flat $20, you can participate in unlimited classes for the month of May!

About group fitness, I’ve never been into it. I’m an introvert who loves individual workouts at the gym and running and working out at home. I’ve never wanted to try group fitness. I thought it would deplete my well instead of filling it, because I would have to socialize. I’ve known of Dana for a long time but connected with her in person through a women’s wellness group last summer. When she established Heart and Soul Fitness and invited me to participate in weekly sessions of Groove and Pilates at our town hall, I was skeptical. Besides that, I was familiar with Pilates, but what in the world is Groove?

Groove is basically a group dance party. Anyone who knows me well knows how inhibited I am when it comes to such shenanigans, but when they say there’s no judgment, its true! The instructor guides participants through some movements at different intervals through the song, and other times you do your own thing. I felt awkward and silly at first, but what I found was that I COULD NOT finish a Groove session without a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Those classes are on hold for now until we can meet again in person, but I’m looking forward to when they resume.

A little blurry, but we’re Groovin’ here!

When I first started Pilates, my core was weak. I couldn’t do a roll-up, lying on the floor to fully sitting up, without grabbing my legs or someone sitting on my feet. Now that I’ve been doing Pilates for several months, I not only feel much stronger and more balanced, but I can do roll-up easily. I’ve only had the opportunity to participate in one POP Pilates class with Kendra, but that kicked my tail. I can’t wait to participate in more of those!

I was struggling with the timing of the online classes. I’m an early-riser and like to exercise first thing, but I was only able to participate in their 6 pm EST classes which was right over dinner for our family. I usually ate quickly and then tried exercising on a full stomach, which isn’t ideal. I asked Dana if she would consider a 6 am class, and she complied! She is now offering THREE 6 am EST classes per week! I’ve done many YouTube workouts on my own over the years, but there’s something about waking up and starting at a certain time with a trusted instructor, now friend, to keep me accountable and motivated.

Dana and Kendra also post helpful information and giveaways on their Facebook page, like explaining the difference between basic mat Pilates and POP Pilates. It’s so neat watching them work together as a mother/daughter team.

If you’re looking for connection, community, motivation for health, I highly recommend Heart and Soul Fitness, LLC.

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