Math Refresher for Adults Review, a great resource for folks like me.

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

The raw truth is, every time I mentioned homeschooling to my husband in year’s past, our immediate concern was that I would be responsible for teaching our children math. Not kidding. Of course, once we dove in, we realized how many options there are for online and/or parent-led instruction and the flexibility and freedom that comes with those choices. When Math Essentials book, Math Refresher for Adults, became available for review through the Homeschool Review Crew, I couldn’t wait to try it.

Some of our readers know that because I was raised Old Order horse and buggy Mennonite, similar to Amish, I was only allowed an eighth-grade formal education. My math struggles were so real, I had to stay after school every day of grades 6-8 to work on math. It never clicked. To this day I can do basic math in my head, but anything beyond basic and math terms still seem like a foreign language to me.

In Math Refresher for Adults, I’m not only brushing up on skills I only barely learned, I’m also learning entirely new concepts.

The front cover suggests reasons someone might need this book.

  • You have math phobia (that’s me)
  • You have forgotten most of the math that you learned (also me)
  • You want to be able to help your kids with their homework/schoolwork (yep, me)
  • You are re-entering the workforce
  • You are returning to college and will be taking a math placement test
  • You are applying for a job that requires a math competency test
  • You are entering a medical or tech field
  • You need to improve your math skills to advance your career
  • You are preparing for the SAT/PSAT
  • You are preparing for the PRAXIS Test
  • And the list goes on…

I would add, its simply good concise practice for any adult wanting to exercise their brains and keep their minds sharp.

There are more than 200 pages of reviews, from simple addition and subtraction of whole numbers, to fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, integers, charts and graphs, problem solving, pre-algebra and algebra. All the solutions are in the back as well as a full glossary listing and explaining math terms.

The lessons are short and the layout simple. There are some review exercises at the top of the page. If you move quickly through those without hesitation or question, you can move on to the next page or subject. Next there’s Helpful Hints and examples, followed by a set of problems, and lastly a word problem.

You can skip around in the book to work on whatever concept you need practice with, so you’re not just working your way through something you’ve already mastered. For me, its been helpful to work through the book even when I already understood concepts, because it boosted my confidence and helped me realize I hadn’t forgotten as much as I thought I did.

Purchase of the product also comes with free access to online video tutorials for each lesson by award-winning author Richard W. Fisher.

Both the workbook and videos are available in English and Spanish!

This is truly one of the most helpful parent/teacher resources I’ve encountered in homeschooling, but again, it’s not specific to homeschool. Math Refresher for Adults is excellent for any adult wanting to better grasp mathematical concepts and gain confidence to conquer math skills.

Other families also reviewed Math Refresher for Adults, and No-Nonsense Algebra, and Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 2 Middles Grades/High School. I invite you to click on the image below to be taken to the Review Crew homepage for these reviews to see how others experienced these products.

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