Green World Coffee Farms, Wahiawa, Hawaii, and a toast to our graduates

Our February 2020 Hawaii trip feels surreal. Sometimes I wonder if it really happened. Upon our return, COVID-19 erupted stateside and our lives were caught up in a different whirlwind. All the pictures and posts I’d planned to share were suppressed by concerns of the virus and stay-at-home orders. Our children needed significant nurturing and guidance, and all things Hawaii were left floating in a cloud of Internet storage.

Except my beans from Green World Coffee Farms.

I only purchased a half pound of the beans grown and roasted on the farm, so I’ve kept them for the most special occasions. In the days of social distancing, special occasions look more like a quick mental island getaway.

Today I ground my last few beans. I took my French press and coaxed the hot water through the grounds and into the cup. I’m sitting on my front porch in my Hawaii dress, imbibing on this smooth delectable nectar, truly the most amazing coffee I’ve ever tasted. They also sell delectable chocolates, which I was unable to save and savor because of the wildlings’ consumption immediately upon my return, and the most beautiful clothing I dreamed of donning. This was truly a place of kindred spirits!

I drink to a niece stationed in Hawaii in service to our country, and to another niece who graduated high school today at the top of her class. I raise a toast to all graduating under such extraordinary circumstances and assure all of you that you have great and important work ahead. AND, of all the places you’ll go, I hope all of you get the chance to visit this charming little farm at one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

I’m sad my cup is empty, but forever grateful for the memories. Thanks, Green World Coffee Farms, for the treat of a lifetime.

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