Elementary and High School Science Courses for Homeschool or Home Supplement for Public/Private School Students

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Science was the second subject I felt most inadequate to teach in our homeschool, next to math, but Journey Homeschool Academy came through for us in a big way. Their video-based Experience Biology Upper Elementary Level is so much fun our children didn’t consider it “summer school.” When you get to code DNA with licorice and colored marshmallows, how can it not be engaging? These courses are great for homeschoolers, but can also be a GREAT addition to children who attend public or private school.

Coding DNA with licorice and marshmallows
Screen shot to the video about DNA

Journey Homeschool Academy also offers a high school biology course and elementary and high school astronomy courses, as well as Equipped – a teen Bible course, so be sure to check out all their resources. Journey Homeschool Academy is produced by husband and wife team, Luke and Trisha Gilkerson. I was trying to find their credentials on their website, but can’t seem to find it. You learn about them throughout the videos and they’re clearly highly educated and qualified to produce these courses. This summer they also offered FREE Backyard Bugs and Summer Stargazing videos and lessons for the whole family that were so much fun!

The elementary course comes with lifetime all-access to the videos and materials, so we can use the course again with our next set of learners when they’re ready. The elementary courses are geared toward ages 6-11 (astronomy 6-12) and the high school courses have a basic track for junior high and an advanced track where students can earn credits for their work. The high school courses are designed for one-year access.

Luke and Trish Gilkerson, creators and producers of Homeschool Journey Academy

Accessing the course is easy. Once you log in, you click on “Course Access.” There you’ll find your welcome message, resources list, and your video courses. There are 30 lessons total in the elementary biology course. Each lesson includes a video, usually between 12-15 minutes long, a memory video, and an extra materials section where you will find corresponding copywork in cursive and print, additional suggested reading, memory cards, activity guide, and lesson quiz.

They suggest one lesson a week, watching the video one day and then doing the extra work throughout the week. We ended up watching the video and doing the extra activities all at the same time so it was fresh in our minds, but you could easily spread the work out for 10-15 minutes a day for the week or you could turn it into hours of fun.

Screenshot of copywork and extra activities

They do acknowledge God as Creator and encourage students to memorize Genesis 1, but the lessons themselves are not overtly religious. From their website: While this class acknowledges God as the creator of the universe, it does not get into concepts about the age of the universe or scientific theories about the beginning of the universe.

Journey Homeschool Academy took ALL the stress and guesswork out of our homeschool science. The videos combined with the extra resources and quizzes helps the course “practically teach itself,” as their website claims. As mom and teacher, I feel empowered and equipped and am learning and relearning FUN facts along with our students. The hands-on activities help reinforce the concepts and engage the learners. We absolutely love their elementary biology course and hope to utilize their other courses in the future.

By clicking on the banner image below, you can read how other families experienced elementary biology, elementary astronomy, and their high school courses. Please check them out and let us know if you decide to join us on the journey!


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