My Father’s World ~ Complete Boxed Pre-K (and more) Curriculum

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I’ve taught preschoolers and Pre-K more than any other grade, but that was in a classroom setting. For some reason I was really nervous about homeschooling our rising Pre-K student. Will it be too rigorous? Will it be enough? Will she really learn from me? At home? My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery Deluxe Package, a complete Christian homeschool curriculum, has relieved all those fears.

This complete boxed curriculum set includes everything you need for Pre-K and more. Other families reviewed different levels of, so if you don’t have a rising Pre-K, but are interested in other grade levels, please click on the image at the end of my review to learn how other families experienced from early pre-school through high school.

In order to make sure we received everything we needed, I talked with their customer service representative, David. He was approachable, helpful, and caring about the specific needs of our family and student. This company definitely invests into their people. Not only is their customer service excellent, was started by two former Bible translators in Siberia in the 1990’s to help fund global Bible translation projects. They continue to donate 50 percent of their annual profits to this cause, so when you invest in solid curriculum for your children, you’re also helping share the Word of God with people around the world.

Because it is a Christian company founded with the goal of supporting Bible translating projects, it is definitely a Christian-focused curriculum. However, there are many aspects that are also simply educational so you can easily adapt your focus to meet your family’s needs and preferences.

Voyage of Discovery, their Pre-K curriculum, is gentle enough that it feels like just having a LOT of FUN together with your child, but they’re really learning, engaging, and unlocking their creativity along the way.

It was hard getting all the contents in one photo! I missed this piece in the group photo.

What’s Included in the Pre-K Voyage of Discovery Deluxe Package

  • Voyage of Discovery Teacher’s Manual
  • Voyage of Discovery Student Sheets
  • Preschooler’s Bible
  • Big Book of Things to Spot
  • Big Thoughts for Little People
  • Crossroads of Character
  • God’s Ten Good Rules
  • Hide Em in Your Heart 2-CD Music Set
  • Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day
  • Science Discovery Set
  • The Sailor Dog
  • Vehicle Counters
  • Alphabet Puzzle Boards
  • Fit-A-Space
  • Kids Puzzle
  • Lacing and Tracing Shapes
  • Number Puzzle Boards and Pegs
  • Pre-K Activity Cards
  • 8-inch Peg Board

What a Week Looks Like

The teacher’s manual has complete lesson plans with a weekly overview and daily instructions, including a script for those who find that helpful. I love the script but use it more as an idea starter. The teacher’s manual includes a materials list for each week, which is often things you can find around the house, as well as a preparation section so you know exactly what to do in advance to be ready for the week.

The lessons are designed for five days a week, with one day being a field trip/bigger activity day. They include suggestions for field trips each week, many of which are free activities to do in the community. The lessons are gentle and short enough, you could easily combine a day or two if you desire.

Each week has a theme. Example, week 7 is forgiveness. The package comes with the Preschooler’s Bible to read with your student. There’s a simple memory verse and each week introduces a letter, a color, a shape, etc. Week 7’s “helping Together chore is “Put Away Pajamas.” The memory verse is Romans 12:21. The letter focus for the week is Ee, and the teacher’s manual offers suggestions for snacks, art, finding objects, etc., that start with e. The color for week 7 is red.

The first two weeks focus on creation and every day your student works on a different part of their creation poster. Our daughter’s poster is a bit busier than their example, but I allowed for a lot of originality.

Our daughter loves having her own “School Binder!”

What a Day Looks Like

Sometimes you start the lesson by reading a selected Scripture from the Preschooler’s Bible. Other days you jump right into an activity while discussing the week’s theme and story. For example, week 7, day 1, you read about Jacob meeting Rachel, then look at wedding photos to talk about how much the couple loves each other. Then for discovery time that day you do an experiment with food coloring in water and oil.

Every day includes Bible verse, Story, and Activity Time, ABC’s and More, Outside Time, and time spent with the incredible educational toys that come with the deluxe package. There’s structured and free-play time with the toys.

Our 4 year old and 2 year old both LOVED the vehicle counters and play mat! I laminated it for durability, so excuse the light glare on the photo.

Wrap-up Thoughts

All-in-all, we would highly recommend My Father’s World Pre-K Voyage of Discovery as a gentle adequate way to provide a wonderful Pre-K education for your child.

Again, other families reviewed other grade levels of this curriculum so please click on the image below to read their experiences.


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