Printable Worksheets and Activities for Elementary Students

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Last year was our first full year homeschooling, and it took nearly all of the ten months to figure out what homeschooling style and curriculum worked best for our family. As I prepared for this upcoming season, I knew having some great supplement “grab and go” resources would be important. Super Teacher Worksheets was just what we needed.

This annual online subscription is just under $25 for more than 16,000 and counting printable materials for homeschoolers and teachers of elementary students. Our children actually recognized the worksheets from being in public school, so I knew it was a product trusted by many educators.

Topics include math, reading comprehension, reading and writing, phonics, early literacy, grammar, spelling lists, chapter books, science, social studies, holidays, puzzles and brain teasers, teacher helpers, pre-k and kindergarten, and a worksheet generator.

The worksheets do align with common core standards, but there is a lot of materials that would be indifferent to common core as well. Besides regular worksheets, they have a lot of activities that include cutting, coloring, pasting, decoding, logic, etc.

How We Used the Product

We were taking some time off of school for the summer, so I didn’t want to require too much that looked like “schoolwork,” but I did ask them to complete a couple of worksheets a week to keep their brains geared. They groaned at first, but before long our rising 4th-grader was asking for math worksheets daily! We also printed and used many of the reading comprehension articles.

I printed off a number of worksheets for our rising pre-k student. She gets on a kick and wants the same worksheet over and over, so it was nice to be able to have unlimited access to the sheets she wanted. There were wonderful coloring pages, too, which she loved. We enjoyed some of the creative math coloring sheets, too.

We enjoyed the connect the dot pages and appreciated that you could choose different levels for whichever best suited your student(s). We LOVED the worksheet generator and made a word search with the names of the twenty-five cousins. They had so much fun with that! With the worksheet generator you can create your own wordsearches, crosswords, word scrambles, and math sheets. Our children love these kinds of activities, so I plan to create these to go along with what they’re learning in their regular studies.

When you do print a worksheet or find one you want to use later, you can save it in a file in your login for easy access. For example, we’re working on a unit about our solar system and plan to use the decoding worksheets for that. I can save it in a file with the name “science” or that of our unit study and know exactly where to find it when we’re ready for it.

The above photos are worksheet packets I have printed off and store in their student files so when I say grab a worksheet or they self-initiate, they have a selection to choose from. Clipboards and pencil packs make this great for traveling!

While Super Teacher Worksheets is not intended to be used as a full curriculum, it would definitely compliment just about any homeschool style or curriculum out there. Other families also reviewed this product. To read how they experienced the product and the fun things they did with it, click on the image below.

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