Family-centered archeological video series, Bible Unearthed

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

One of the first history curriculum gems we discovered in our home school was Dave Stott’s Drive Thru History Adventures, so we were excited to review his new product, Bible Unearthed. This course is a 12-part video series that explores the impact of archeology and how we understand the ancient world.

Along with the 12, 15-minute videos, and an introduction and course guide, Bible Unearthed includes articles for digging deeper, worksheets that include a summary of the video, a technical look at the discoveries and what it means, an optional activity, and a Scripture along with answer guides for each video. You also have access to the Adventures Community, an exclusive Facebook group specifically for those who purchase Drive Thru History Adventures products.

In usual Drive Thru History Adventures, Dave Stotts drives around in his jeep explaining history as he goes. Dave is cheesy in a good way and has a dry sense of humor, so our like-minded middle-school-age son giggles the whole time he’s watching the videos. In Bible Unearthed, the style and format are very different, with Titus Kennedy, PhD, taking the lead role in archeological digs and explaining the impact of discoveries, while Dave and long-time travel companion and Drive Thru History writer, Randall Niles, join in. Fans of Drive Thru History Adventures might want to know in advance that this product has a different tone and feel. That being said, our son LOVED these videos as much as he’s loved any of them, and the difference was a non-issue for him.

Bible Unearthed would be great for any family or adult, homeschooling or not, to learn more about the Bible, as well as a full homeschool history course on its own for middle and high schoolers.

The video series/lessons include:

Episode 1: What is Archeology?

Episode 2: The Impact of Archeology

Episode 3: Locating Archeological Sites

Episode 4: The Life of an Archeologist

Episode 5: What’s Being Discovered Today?

Episode 6: Archeological Mysteries

Episode 7: Top Discoveries in Bible Archeology

Episode 8: Getting Involved with Archeology

Episode 9: Trends in Archeology

Episode 10: Weird Archeology

Episode 11: Accidental Discoveries in Archeology

Episode 12: What’s Left to be Discovered?

As mentioned above, each video has a worksheet and answer key to accompany the lesson, as well as articles for digging deeper.

How we used the product

We started with me watching the videos with our 7th-grade son and 4th-grade daughter, both of whom have very different learning styles. Our daughter felt like she couldn’t really understand them, but I imagine there are others her age who could benefit from them. We’ve tried using the accompanying worksheets in the past, but because our son is an auditory learner, he retains more by watching the video through and then narrating back to me what the video was about. I looked over the worksheets for this series, but we did not use them. They would be excellent tools for adults and students to reinforce what they’ve learned.

As I stated earlier, our son loved them so much he asked if he could watch them “outside of school for something fun!” My husband would listen as our son watched, and he wants to go back and watch them for himself. I didn’t get a chance to watch all of them with our son, but he has seen nearly all of them at this point. One of my favorite discoveries was the evidence of an ancient “Greasy Spoon” street restaurant and our son’s favorite was a stone toilet seat.

We both loved how unearthing these discoveries helps connect us to real people, real places, real events, and affirms our belief in the authenticity and accuracy of the ancient Scriptures. This course helped validate our hope and faith in what has been, what is, and an eternal future with the God of all ages. Dave, Titus, Randall, and all who had a role (camera/editing/staging/lighting… ALL of you) in helping this series come to be, our family is sincerely grateful for your dedication to bringing these important discoveries to our world today!

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