U.S. Elections Lap – Pak Review, from Home School in the Woods

I know so many families unexpectedly homeschooling these days. The governor of our state has ordered the closure of all K – 12 schools closed for the duration of the academic year. This U.S. Elections Lap – Pak and other products I list toward the end of this post from Home School in the Woods are great ways to get your learners engaged without making it feel like school. This specific project is especially timely since this is an election year, but any of their products would be great additions to keep your child(ren) busy and learning through activity.

InMotion Dance Review

Although our family has been beneficiaries of the generosity of InMotion, we DID NOT receive any specific product or service in exchange for this review. We simply want our community to be aware of this wonderful opportunity.  When our now 8 year old daughter was 2, I took her to a dance recital performed by... Continue Reading →


We're the Harlow Family. Regina (Mom) has been sharing blog posts and recipes and cooking tips on multiple sites over the years. This site is an attempt to bring everything to one landing page as well as include the family in the fun. We're also adding professional reviews and resources. If you have a business... Continue Reading →

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